Q-Sensei FeedBooster - A new way of discovering RSS feeds

The FeedBooster is a free, advanced web-based feed reader that offers a new way of discovering relevant and timely information from the wealth of RSS news, blogs and business feeds. Based on Q-Sensei's powerful search and indexing technology, FeedBooster helps you stay on top of your favorite feeds and get the most out of them.

Very special to FeedBooster is that it provides you with more than just a list of feed items. Every single feed imported into FeedBooster is pre-processed in a way that makes it easier to search, browse and explore. FeedBooster is a dynamic knowledge and productivity tool to quickly mine for personally-relevant information that is important to you. Powered by Q-Sensei's unique multi-dimensional search capabilities, FeedBooster presents the available content of feeds in an organized, dynamic and clickable index to hone in quickly on the right sets of news. FeedBooster also provides a fully-customizable dashboard to best suit your feed-reading and information discovery needs.

Explore the new search experience for news and eliminate the stress of being 'behind' on reading, tagging and bookmarking feeds.

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About Q-Sensei: Q-Sensei is a new and powerful approach to search navigation which addresses the increasing volumes of structured and unstructured information on the Internet, in businesses networks (Intranets), on private computers, personal databases and hand-held devices. With Q-Sensei, users can quickly find - and discover - the relevant "needles" in the endless "haystacks" of data through its powerful multi-dimensional searching and indexing engine. Based on it's technologies Q-Sensei provides the following products and applications: Q-Sensei Enterprise (Awards: Initiative Mittelstand - 2012 Innovationspreis IT (IT Innovation Award), Knowledge Management category; IDC - Innovative Business Analytics Companies Under $100 Million to Watch, 2011 (Collaborative Decision Management category); Frost & Sullivan - North American Enterprise Search New Product Innovation Award, 2011), FeedBooster and Q-Sensei Scholar. Q-Sensei Corp. was formed in 2007 as a Delaware corporation out of a merger of the German-based social knowledge network Lalisio and the American search specialist QUASM.