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    Uncover valuable content with ease.
    Boost your productivity by honing in quickly
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  • Your RSS feeds on your terms.

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What our users say

I think the FeedBooster is a really great tool for keeping on top of what's new in the world. Adding feeds is easy, the search filters help to find relevant news quickly and the customizable dashboard allows reading the feeds like I want it.
François Binette
CEO Rediens, Inc.
I like the search profiles which can be created with the FeedBooster. They make it really easy to access specific information on my favorite topics quickly and efficiently.
Claudia Schulte
After the first use, I've imported all my feeds to the FeedBooster and customized my dashboard to my needs. Great tool.
Luca M.
I really like the way how you can search and browse feeds with the auto filters. That's really helpful.
Olivia S.
Extremely convenient tool. I can read all my feeds when I want to, without being overwhelmed by unread messages.
Chen L.